Food Safety News Features Op-Ed by Brian Ronholm on USDA Reorganization Plan

Food Safety News published an opinion piece by FDA Senior Director of Regulatory Policy Brian Ronholm that flags a part of the United States Department of Agriculture’s new reorganization plan that could have a negative impact on food safety protections.

Prior to joining Arent Fox, Mr. Ronholm served as the deputy under secretary of food safety at USDA.

The plan establishes an undersecretary for trade position at USDA  who would, among other responsibilities, chair a new interagency committee that includes the Food Safety Inspection Service.

"While some coordination between food safety and trade is appropriate," wrote Brian, "the inclusion of FSIS on such a committee is potentially troubling, giving the appearance that trade is going to have significant influence over food safety priorities at USDA. The public health mission of FSIS should be an equally separate focus within the department, and trade considerations should not impact food safety policy direction."

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