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    Non-Profit Beneficiaries: The Challenges of Gifts from Wills and Trusts

    Non-profit organizations often find themselves in the fortunate position of being the recipients of gifts left to them in wills and trusts. But with these gifts come potential challenges. These include relations with the trustee; executor or other beneficiaries; declining a gift; legal challenges to the gift; public relations considerations; and impact on other donees. This 90 minute program (including lunch) will offer participants an opportunity to explore these issues with other non-profits, including professionals who have helped their organizations navigate these kinds of challenges.


  • Vivian Bass, CEO, Jewish Foundation for Group Homes
  • Mary Elizabeth Cisneros, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, American Red Cross
  • Elisabeth Koenig, Director of Fiduciary Services, John Hopkins University

  • Moderator and Introductions

  • Barbara Wahl, Partner, Fiduciary Dispute and Litigation Practice
  • Alec Rosenberg, Partner, Intellectual Property Practice